Virtual Journey

We invite you to explore the city of Ortona at 360 degrees. The photos are of the entrance and the main gallery.

Casa Berardi Part 1:

On route to Ortona the Canadian troops had to liberate a farmhouse being used as a defensiveoutpost by the Germans. From Casa Berardi, the Germans had a clear view of the valley andthe main road leading to Ortona. The location of the house was key to controlling the entranceto Ortona. With only a few men, the Germans held offentire regiments. The Canadians wouldeventually capture the house, but they would sustain heavy casualties. They would later haveto defend the position as the Germans tried to take it back. In the end, the Canadians were vic-torious. Interior shots reveal the rooms where Canadian troops kept their wounded while de-fending the house. The fighting was so intense that they could not draw water from the wellonly a few feet in front of where they were stationed.